With all of the irrigation management solutions on the market, what makes Hortau different?

ST-8 In AlmondsAlong with being a leader in real-time irrigation management systems since 2002, Hortau stands head and shoulders above the competition with a unique solution based on soil tension and backed by a decade and a half of research:

Plant-Centric approach

It starts with our unique, plant-centric approach, using soil tension to measure plant stress and available water to a plant. Unrivaled, the most accurate, real-time soil moisture measurement tool on the market.IMG_2375


Proprietary technology

Hortau’s soil tension sensors are the most advanced on the market, reporting to growers how their crops are faring in real-time through wireless networks and web servers.

Hortau’s automation technology takes this to the next level, allowing growers the ability to not only monitor crops but irrigate various blocks on demand via their mobile devices.


Scientifically proven results

Hortau irrigation systems help growers improve yields by managing plant stress, cutting back water and energy consumption drastically in the process. Research has shown Hortau’s system cuts water costs by as much as 25-30%, while improving yields in everything from almonds to zucchini.


Hortau precision irrigation for lettuceUnparalleled support

Hortau is a private company that specializes in irrigation management systems and puts its growers first. One of the only end-to-end irrigation management system providers on the market, Hortau not only manufactures its products but installs, trains growers on the system and services the products regularly in the field.

But don’t take our word for it. Browse our grower testimonials for more on Hortau’s products and world-class support.