Our Approach

Hortau is focused on helping growers keep their plants healthy. Only the most robust plants that have enjoyed proper irrigation produce a plentiful top quality yield that provides a grower with maximum revenues.

In order to create an ideal irrigation schedule that results in healthy plants, one must track soil tension. It is the most precise measurement for plant stress since it is the only measurement that gives insight into the available water. Unlike soil moisture measurements which show the amount of water in the soil, only soil tension measures the amount of water available to the plant. If soil tension levels are too high, a plant cannot use the water, and it is of no good. By measuring soil tension, we can anticipate and prevent plant stress before it results in lasting damage.

A Plant-Centric Approach
It starts with our unique, plant-centric approach. Hortau’s system measures soil tension in real time allowing a grower to see precisely how much water is available to the plant.  Equipped with this data irrigation schedules are optimized resulting in more efficient use of water, a reduction in nutrient leaching and a higher quality, more plentiful yield.

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Powered by Patented Technology
Hortau’s patented soil tension monitoring system features sensors that are among the most advanced on the market, reporting to growers how their crops are faring in real-time. Our sensors do not need to be calibrated for soil type and are not affected by salinity allowing them to provide precise readings across conditions.
As the sensors report back this data is then presented to growers in a user-friendly mobile platform that allows them to make irrigation decisions that prevent plant stress.

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Backed by Customized Support

Hortau is a private company that puts growers first. We continually review the data with our growers and optimize irrigation schedules so customers so that they receive the maximum return on the system.

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Based on Scientifically Proven Results
The Hortau systems help growers improve yields by managing plant stress. This can help solve a host of issues from quality and pest control, to energy consumption and nutrient leaching. Research has shown Hortau’s system maximizes water efficiency while improving yields in everything from almonds to zucchini.

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