2021 Roundtable: Practical knowledge for practical people

Even if our world has been turned upside down in the latest months, technology has proven to be an area where no slowing down is in sight. To make sure you are in the best position to move forward and embrace change in 2021, we have gather together a virtual table of key experts – Ag. PhD’s, Engineers and Field Customer Support, aiming to help you get the best from your Hortau system and sharpen your knowledge in irrigation practices. Bring your irrigation staff, specialists, and your questions on February 4th, 1 pm Eastern Time / 10 am Pacific, and be part of our discussion table. Our agenda will touch base on the following: 2021 Company & Solutions Update, Soil Tension & Research/Investments Overview, Best Field Practices, and New App Features Demo. Date: February 2021. Duration: 1 hour and 2 minutes.


Irrigation Management in Wine Grapes

Vine stress can have a profound impact on production costs, quality and the overall success of a vineyard. By expanding soil tension monitoring to new heights, the road to sustainable farming and production of premium fruit has never been as defined. To learn more about new technology breakthroughs in precision irrigation, join Travis Goldman, a CCA/CAIS certified Irrigation Management Advisor, on January 21st at 10:00 AM Pacific and see how Vineyard Managers can better achieve their production goals. This is the first webinar of an Advanced Irrigation Management Webinar series. Date: January 2021. Duration: 43 minutes.

Post-Harvest Irrigation Management

In this webinar, Travis is going to cover best irrigation management practice in post-harvest trees and vines. The discussion will bring up the science of why we irrigate and the benefits of reducing plant stress during carbohydrate storage and bud differentiation. Not every year is the same but with soil tension data in real-time we can take the guess work out of where water it is needed in the last few month of the growing season. Date: October 2020. Duration: 37 minutes.

Heat & Frost Protection in Cranberries: Best Practices

On a cold clear spring/fall night, frost can cause severe economic losses in unprotected cranberry fields in as little as one hour. To prevent damage and loss of crops, growers have to initiate irrigation at the proper time and place. In order to do this, growers need a system that notifies them when and where a possible frost event may occur. Contrastingly, high temperatures are also a major limiting factor in cranberry production. Once the fruit is formed, it is important to keep plants from suffering from heat stress. Date: September 2020. Duration: 47 minutes.

Early Tree Irrigation Management

Maintaining proper soil moisture in new plantings is critically important for young trees to develop to their full potential and produce maximum yields early on and for their entire life. Watch this webinar to learn more about best irrigation management practices in new plantings and see the difference that proper irrigation management can have on trees that were started off with good irrigation practices using soil tension data. Date: August 2020. Duration: 40 minutes.