Water Resource Management 2.0

Water Resource Management 2.0


The solution to California’s water woes lies in accurate real-time data.

Hortau’s proven technology allows managers to monitor, record and manage water resources in real time.

While this isn’t a new concept, Hortau’s approach is. It starts at the well. Record flow meter data in true “real time,” calculating flow rates and gallons used to establish a baseline.

The next step is to manage irrigation based on crop water demand. Hortau’s patented sensors measure the most important factor to a growing plant: soil tension. This direct link to a plant’s transpiration rate (water use) allows for precise irrigation run times and frequencies. No more guesswork.

The final component to Hortau’s solution is field service. Real time data is only useful if it is accurate and reliable.

graphHortau manufactures and maintains the most robust equipment in the industry, providing managers and policymakers with real-time flow meter data that allows for a real-world assessment of ground conditions at anytime.

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