Tour d’horizon 2021: Pour partir l’année bien informé

Hortau vous invite à participer à une formation client, ouverte à tous, visant à vous permettre de maximiser l’utilisation de votre système Hortau, tout en aiguisant vos connaissances en matière de gestion d’irrigation de haute précision. Passez le mot à votre équipe spécialisée en irrigation et joignez-vous à nous le 11 mars 2021, de 10h […]

Using soil tension to measure key states of soil moisture

Often, in science, when things aren’t fully understood, rules are chosen without real evidence.  They are created to help give a benchmark to make research possible.  These would best be described as “let’s assume” rules.  Research only occurs when variables are controlled, but sometimes variables can’t be controlled or even measured with accuracy.  In these […]

Cracking Soils Indicate Localized Drought Stress

Why are your soils cracking? Commonly heavy clay soils develop cracks in the dry season as the soil profile dries out. The cracking is simply a matter of expansion and contraction. The clay portions of soils are made up of very fine particles of silicate minerals. These silicate minerals are in the form of thin […]

May Irrigation Stress In Almonds

Mitigating kernel stress during kernel expansion is one of the top priorities for every almond farmer in the state, but as we venture into May this priority can shift to crop protection and field sanitation. Balancing tractor work to apply pesticides with irrigations is more challenging during the month of May due to the increase […]

2021 Roundtable: Practical Knowledge for Practical People

Even if our world has been turned upside down in the latest months, technology has proven to be an area where no slowing down is in sight. To make sure you are in the best position to move forward and embrace change in 2021, we have gather together a virtual table of key experts – […]

Early Vine Management in California Wine Grapes

Early Vine Management in California Wine Grapes California’s wine grape production is as diverse as the soils and varieties that we grow on with no two ranches alike. Regardless if you are growing a vintage or if you are in the bulk market, early vine management follows the same criterium of minimizing crop stress and […]