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2021 Roundtable: Practical Knowledge for Practical People

Even if our world has been turned upside down in the latest months, technology has proven to be an area where no slowing down is in sight. To make sure you are in the best position to move forward and embrace change in 2021, we have gather together a virtual table of key experts – […]

SGMA – What can a grower do?

SGMA – What can a grower do? By Don A. Wright Preparing for implementing the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act is going to take education and involvement. Not every area of the state is on the brink of collapse. Not every area of the state will have to fallow half its land. But for the areas […]

Effectively Managing Deep Moisture Early in the Season

Effectively Managing Deep Moisture Early in the Season Irrigation season is underway and now is the time to ensure that soil profiles don’t dry out.  If you wait much longer, you may not be able to replace the deep moisture. There are a few crucial things to know when trying to manage irrigation effectively: Know […]

Irrigation Pressure Management to Improve Distribution Uniformity

By Travis Goldman Irrigation distribution uniformity plays a key role in the success of crop stand, yield, and quality. Optimized pressures within a well-designed irrigation system can provide the best results but even the best design isn’t safe with compromised pressure. Through real-time, in-field irrigation data we can evaluate irrigations in our crops from drip […]

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