Since 2002, Hortau has worked closely with hundreds of growers and installed thousands of systems.  Over that time, we’ve learned what it takes to make irrigation decisions simple in the field.

That’s our tagline: Simplified Irrigation.

Hortau simplifies irrigation management by providing growers with the following services:

Irrigation Management

Hortau’s Irrigation Management Service is based on the most important factor to a growing crop: soil tension.

By combining real-time soil tension sensor data with a simple-to-use mobile platform, growers are able to anticipate the water needs of the crop and manage irrigation accordingly. Hortau’s irrigation management scheduling ensures that photosynthesis and transpiration happen at maximum levels from sun up to sun down. This means that there is enough available water to meet the crop water demands, even during a heat spell, with a full crop. The result? Greater yield.

Hortau’s Irrigation Management service covers your entire operation with the most accurate and dependable real-time field monitoring stations on the market, and is ideal for all crop and irrigation types.


Irrigation Scheduling *

* For qualified Central Valley growers, Hortau offers a scheduling service that covers your entire operation and gives growers a boots-on-the-ground Irrigation Management Advisor who will evaluate each irrigation set and install soil tension monitoring stations in a representative area taking into account crop variety, soil type, and topography.

Irrigation Management Advisors provide weekly schedules based on our proprietary soil tension sensors. Our advisors are bilingual, and CCA and CAIS certified, communicating to irrigators precisely when and how long to run an irrigation set based on needs of a crop.

Each week, meetings with mangers will be held to discuss results, adjustments for cultural practices and prioritizing irrigation sets based on upcoming crop water demand.


Weather Monitoring

Hortau’s weather monitoring service covers your entire operation and allows for alerts by phone, text or email, reporting real-time data for the following and more:

  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Rainfall intensity
  • Cumulative rainfall
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Barometric pressure
  • Solar radiation
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Degree-days
  • Chilling hours
  • Chill portions



Control pumps and valves remotely or fully automate the system based on soil tension readings. Includes:

  • Custom programing
  • Pump on/off control
  • Valve on/off control
  • Reservoir level monitor


Flow-Meter Monitoring

Document flow in real time, set up alerts and remain SGMA & SB-88 compliant. Data output is in:

  • acre/feet
  • total output
  • gallons per minute
  • inches applied


Well Monitoring

Report water levels and receive alerts in real time for static, drawdown and recovery.

  • Export data reports
  • Comply with state, local regulations
  • Manage, protect well and pump investment


Cloud-Based Irrigation Management Software

Hortau’s easy-to-use software puts the user first, simplifying key metrics and clearly identifying the optimal growing environment for your specific crop.

The system securely captures and reports data in real-time from any of the stations above, giving owners and ranch managers better visibility into their most prized assets (land and crops), as well as their day-to-day farming operations.

Hortau’s software has also been optimized for mobile devices and is accessible 24/7 from anywhere, via smartphones, tablets and computers.

The software can trigger custom alerts, protecting your investment while you sleep with instant phone and email alerts in the event of frost and other critical weather events.


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