Research Papers

English Publications

1. Tensiometer-based irrigation scheduling and water use efficiencyof field-grown strawberries

2. Yield and Water Use in Almond under Deficit Irrigation

3. Mapping soil hydraulic conductivity and matricpotential for water management of cranberry : Characterisation and spatial interpolation methods

4. Detection of drainage failure in reconstructed cranberry soils using time series analysis

5. Payback period in cranberry associated with a wirelessirrigation technology

6. Reducing cranberry heat stress and midday depression with evaporative cooling

7. Critical irrigation threshold and cranberry yield components

8. Effect of soil water potential threshold for irrigation on cranberry yield and water productivity

9. Water table control for increasing yield and saving water in cranberry production

10. Water table level management as an irrigation strategy for cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon Aiton)

11. Agricultural water requirements for commercial production of cranberries

12. Assessment of field spatial and temporal variabilities to delineate site-specific management zones for variable-rate irrigation

13. Banks & USDA: Partners in reviving rural economies

14. Characterization of water retention curves for a series of cultivated histosols

15. Cranberry gas exchange under short-term hypoxic soil conditions

16. Defining irrigation set points based on substrate properties for variable irrigation and constant matric potential devices in greenhouse tomato

17. Determination of irrigation set points for cranberries from soil and plant-based measurements

18. Evaluating fluxes in Histosols for water management in lettuce: A comparison of mass balance, evapotranspiration and lysimeter methods

19. Evapotranspiration from cranberry compared with the equilibrium rate

20. Guidelines of irrigation and drainage management strategies to enhance cranberry production and optimize water use in North America

21. High productivity of soilless strawberry cultivation under rain shelters

22. Impact of drainage problems on cranberry yields: Two case studies

23. Impact of irrigation thresholds on total anthocyanin content in cranberries

24. Impact of potassium sulfate salinity on growth and development of cranberry plants subjected to overhead and subirrigation

25. Infrared thermometry to quantify in-field soil moisture variability

26. Irrigation management based on soil matric potential improves water use efficiency of field-grown strawberries in California

27. Irrigation management of romaine lettuce in histosols at two spatial scales: water, energy, leaching and yield impacts

28. Precision nursery irrigation using wireless tensiometer: A three-year Canadian ornamental horticulture research and innovation cluster project

29. Long-term effects of peatland cultivation on soil physical and hydraulic properties: Case study in Canada

30. Matric potential-based irrigation management of field-grown strawberry: Effects on yield and water use efficiency

31. New approaches to irrigation scheduling of vegetables

32. Optimal irrigation for onion and celery production and spinach seed germination in histosols

33. Assessment of the drainage capacity of cranberry fields: Problem identification using soil clustering and development of a new drainage criterion

34. Relationships among soil hydraulic properties, drainage efficiency, and cranberry yield

35. Root water uptake by romaine lettuce in a muck soil: Linking tip burn to hydric deficit

36. Salt leaching in fine-grained, macroporous soil: Negative effects of excessive matrix saturation

37. Precision and accuracy of time-domain reflectometry and capacitive probes to determine soil electrical conductivity in cranberry

38. Sawdust and bark-based substrates for soilless strawberry production: Irrigation and electrical conductivity management

39. Spatial distribution patterns of soil water availability as a tool for precision irrigation management in histosols: Characterization and spatial interpolation

40. Substrate aeration properties and growth of containerized white spruce: A case study

41. Positioning temperature sensors for frost protection in northern cranberry production

42. Tensiometer-based irrigation scheduling and water use efficiency of field-grown strawberries

43. Testing irrigation, day/night foliar spraying, foliar calcium and growth inhibitor as possible cultural practices to reduce tipburn in lettuce

44. Thresholds for irrigation management of processing tomatoes using soil moisture sensors in southwestern Ontario

45. Use of X-ray CT scan to characterize the evolution of the hydraulic properties of a soil under drainage conditions

46. Using canopy temperature, soil tension and moisture measurements as tools in cranberry

47. Water availability in tree artificial substrates during prunus xcistena growth: Variable threshold values

French Publication

1. Optimisation de la production d’amandes par la gestion de l’irrigation en temps réel

2. AC Chaleur, Calwhite, Chieftain, Goldrush, Highland Russet, Russet Burbank, Umatilla Russet et Vivaldi: Lesquelles se sont démarqués en 2016?