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ST8 weather station and solar panel in fieldWe welcome you to Hortau’s Investor Relations webpage and would like to thank you for your interest in our company. Through this page you can find comprehensive and detailed information about our IR activities and the performance of our company:


Year the company was founded: 2002

Current number of employees: 80+

Current total volume of funds raised: Since 2013, Hortau has announced three rounds totaling $16.5 million.

Current number of users/customers: Tens of thousands of stations in the field, with multiple sensors recording 100,000+ data points per hour.

Regional coverage: Hortau has systems in the ground and offices/reps throughout the West (California, Nevada, Arizona), Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, British Columbia), High Plains (Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas), Southwest (Texas, New Mexico), Northeast (Mass., Rhode Island), Midwest (Wisconsin, Minn., Ill.) and throughout Canada, where the company was founded in Quebec. Outside of North America, Hortau has recent installs completed as far away as Turkey, Morocco, Peru and Egypt.

Notable events in the last year: Further expansion into the High Plains, Pacific Northwest, Closing $10M Investment, Named to Global Cleantech 100 Companies to Watch List, Spoke at the White House about Growth in Ag Technology.

Partnerships: We are partnering with other ag companies, making their in-field equipment “smarter” with a tie to the web and online dashboards, but do not have anything to announce publicly at this time.

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