Hortau: The Complete Service Solution.

To make life easier on growers wanting to keep up with the latest technology, Hortau is excited to offer a Complete Service Solution. This service solution gives customers full coverage of their operation, access to the latest technology Hortau has to offer, and best-in-class field service and grower support.

Qualified Central Valley growers in California can also take advantage of Hortau’s Irrigation Management and Scheduling Service, which gives growers boots-on-the-ground Irrigation Management Advisors to help create weekly irrigation schedules that ensure optimal production.

To learn more about Hortau’s Complete Service Solution for your farming operation, contact your local sales representative or call us directly at (805) 545-5994.

Complete Service Solution Benefits:

  • Access to the latest technology: No longer have to worry about owning outdated technology.
  • Best service in the industry: Grower support and technicians at the ready for service and training needs.
  • Full coverage of operation: Our service solution gives growers more accurate data to make better informed decisions.

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