SB88: Well & Flow-Meter Monitoring

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SB 88: Flow-meter and well monitoring required by California growers

California Governor Brown recently signed Senate Bill (SB) 88, Sections 15-18, which will require a majority of California growers to install flow meter monitoring systems and submit water-use reports.

The reporting requirements apply to all water rights holders, diverting more than 10 acre-feet of water per year. Here is a breakdown of those California growers affected:

Type of Diversion Installation Deadline Required Accuracy Required Monitoring
Direct Diversion ≥ 1,000 afa
Storage ≥ 1000 af
Jan. 1, 2017 10% Hourly
Direct Diversion ≥ 100 afa/
Storage ≥ 200 af
July 1, 2017 10% Daily
Direct Diversion > 10 afa/
Storage ≥ 50 af
Jan. 1, 2018 15% Weekly
Storage > 10 af Jan. 1, 2018 15% Monthly

Measurement Methods

Annual reporting will be required by qualifying growers starting April 1, 2017. The filing dates are summarized below:

2015 JULY 1, 2016 JULY 1, 2016 JULY 1, 2016 VARIES NOT REQUIRED
2016 APRIL 1, 2017 APRIL 1, 2017 JULY 1, 2017 APRIL 1, 2017 APRIL 1, 2017

Flow Meter MonitoringHortau Flow-Meter Monitoring

Hortau’s flow-meter monitoring services meet the requirements put forth by the State Water Board.

Hortau makes real-time water monitoring and reporting easy, preventing growers from having to read meters manually.

Growers can access flow-meter data 24/7, which makes exporting data and reporting water use in accordance to SB 88 a snap.

Hortau’s full-service offering also includes installation, maintenance and training. This approach ensures growers receive the most accurate and reliable meter data.

Benefits of Hortau flow-meter monitoring include:

  • Real-time reporting of water use
  • Alerts for critical flow data or when set levels are reached
  • Protect investment in irrigation equipment
  • Easily document and submit water use details
  • Full-service support and training

Hortau Well Water Monitoring

Hortau’s well monitoring service reports water levels in real time.

The system does so by sending a powerful acoustic pulse into the casing and doing a simple time/distance calculation on the reflection.

The benefit of sonic technology is that there is nothing to lower into the well. It can operate on wells containing caustic water, oil or pressurized gas.

Hortau technicians install the system and there is no annual maintenance or calibration needed. Benefits include:

  • Real time well levels (static, drawdown and recovery)
  • Export well water level data in excel or other formats for reporting purposes
  • Enables well management and control capabilities
  • Comply with State and Local usage regulations
  • Protect the investment in well and pump equipment
  • Receive alerts during emergencies or when set levels are hit

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