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Managing Irrigation During Dormancy

The East Coast and much of the Midwest and Plains states are grappling with the aftermath of bomb cyclones and the polar vortex. But on the opposite end of the country, California is entering the new year following one of…

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Measure what matters most: Soil Tension

New technology companies are popping up in agriculture what seems like almost every day, many of which tout the layers upon layers of data that they can deliver to a grower. But with the seemingly endless stream of information flooding…

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A Guide to Irrigation Management in Celery

By Travis Goldman Grower Support Specialist, Salinas Valley Mid- to late-summer irrigation management in cool season vegetables can be fairly tricky with most of the valley’s acreage planted and water demand at its peak. These high production months seem to…

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Preparing for Next Season Now

By Brian Hanson Hortau Grower Support  As the dust begins to settle, and the last remaining varieties of almonds and pistachios make their way to the huller, nut harvest throughout the Southern San Joaquin Valley is fast coming to an…

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Weather-based Models and Seasonal Alarms

By Brian Henriott Hortau Grower Support Specialist Fall is here and winter is just around the corner! With harvest wrapping up or completed, this is the perfect time to get your frost alarms set and chill hours recording. There are…

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