Mobile irrigation managementIt’s so “smart” it’s simple.

Hortau’s patented, plant-centric approach to measuring soil tension allows growers to detect plant stress (from drought and other factors) before it becomes visible in the crop. And get this, the system is easy to use.

Other benefits include:

Optimal Plant Growth

Hortau’s irrigation management system is scientifically proven to improve yields in the face of today’s water issues. Take a look at some of the results.

Reduction in Water and Energy

Hortau’s systems report in real-time, helping growers reduce water and energy consumption by an average of 25-30%.

Minimizing Environmental Impacts

Using the precise amount of water a plant needs also helps cut down on environmental impacts such as fertilizer leaching.

Mobile Friendly & Easy to Use

Hortau’s platform reports to you how crops are faring in real time and gives you the ability to monitor operations remotely.

Protection During Extreme Weather Events

Hortau alerts also protect your investment, alerting you in real-time when critical weather events such as frost or drought are stressing crops.