Automation Specialist

Hortau is an industry leading irrigation management company. Founded in 2002 by two soil physicists who designed a revolutionary new soil moisture sensor, which allows farmers to water more efficiently. Since then, Hortau has been working to develop a complete remote sensing and control platform. Today we offer a full range of monitoring systems and have the ability to fully automate the irrigation practices of agricultural fields. From frost protection, to pest management, to automated irrigation systems, to weather data, and more. Hortau is an industry leader and rapidly expanding to new territories, that means our support team needs to grow to match.  We are searching for a hard-working, technically savvy, and detail-oriented automation specialist to join our team.

The position requires a detail-oriented person who is independent, self-driven and a strong ability to problem solve both hardware and software. Willingness to work outdoors in all types of weather, willingness to travel, computer competency, previous mechanical work experience, and problem solving skills are all a must. Spanish speaking is a plus but not required. Agricultural backgrounds are also a plus but strong technical/mechanical knowledge and the availability to travel for extended periods comes first. The right person will be able to work closely with our customers our salespeople to keep customers satisfied and to keep the system working smoothly.  Interpersonal skills between growers and Hortau team members are required as you are usually the technical/mechanical bridge between Hortau and the customer.

This career can be very rewarding for the right person.  If you want to be part of an industry that is taking farming to the next level and have a great opportunity for growth with an industry leader. Send your resume and a cover letter telling us why you should be part of our team.

Automation specialist responsibilities and requirements:

  • Expected to be on time, dressed in attire conforming to Hortau guidelines, and be prepared and enthusiastic for each workday
  • Must submit Expense reports no later than noon on Friday, every 2 week pay period
  • Expense Reports must comply with established procedures
  • Must complete all training goals set by supervisor
  • Must possess and maintain a valid drivers license
  • Required to perform physical installs autonomously while meeting all grading criteria and maintaining customer satisfaction
  • Required to perform technical work to ensure systems are working electronically based upon grading criteria and customer satisfaction
  • Required to have high level of communication with coworkers and supervisors including rapport with territory sales rep
  • Must effectively manage sites and clients in territory as a whole
  • Must effectively manage schedule with approval by supervisor
  • Must anticipate and meet potential issues
  • Must possess a high level of technical and mechanical knowledge with a strong ability to problem solve
  • Must possess good customer service and account management skills
  • Must be willing to travel often and for extended periods of time
  • Must be able to maintain patience and level head in extreme conditions