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Water Use Efficiency: Cutting Out the Excess

By Travis Goldman Hortau’s polymer tensiometers have redefined how fields can be managed year-round with real time data. The power of knowing when a field needs water and when water can be turned off enhances the efficiency of an operation. Having precision irrigation data directly cuts out excess pumping. There are a lot of promises […]

Using Soil Tension Data to Track Early Root Water Uptake

By Travis Goldman In the almond industry everyone is excited for bloom but to an irrigation advisor our excitement starts with root flush and early bud swell. As early as January 10th bud swell was being seen in Shasta and Nonpareil varieties on the western side of the San Joaquin Valley. Since then other varieties […]

Webinaire – Tour d’horizon 2022

De retour cette année, Hortau vous invite à participer à une formation client, ouverte à tous, visant à vous permettre de maximiser l’utilisation de votre système Hortau, tout en aiguisant vos connaissances en matière de gestion d’irrigation de haute précision. Passez le mot à votre équipe spécialisée en irrigation et joignez-vous à nous le 23 […]

Post-Harvest Irrigation in Wine Grapes

By Travis Goldman  Post-Harvest irrigation management in wine grapes is just as important as any other permanent crop. Despite the fact the vine is no longer supporting grapes, we still have to maintain proper water availability to the vine to support vine function. By reducing stress our vines, we will allow the crop to continue […]

2021 CAPCA Conference

We will be exhibiting next week at the CAPCA Conference in Reno, NV. Come see us at the booth to find out how Hortau can help PCAs and growers to : 1. Keep track of critical data for irrigation, pest pressure, heat and frost 2. Schedule irrigation events 3. Report on water usage 4. Save […]

Programme Prime-Vert : Pour une gestion optimale de votre irrigation

Le programme Prime-Vert vise à accroître l’adoption de pratiques agroenvironnementales par les entreprises agricoles afin de contribuer à l’amélioration de la qualité de l’environnement et de la santé humaine. Il soutient les entreprises agricoles dans la réalisation d’interventions prioritaires en agroenvironnement tout en favorisant une approche collective. La durée du programme Prime-Vert est prévue d’avril […]

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