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Download and Login


To use the new application, you must be an active customer with access to Hortau’s irrigation management platform. Your existing Irrolis login will work when logging in to the app.


You can download the application, Hortau Mobile, from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or visit the new app on the web at app.hortau.com.

Download Hortau on the App Store
Download Hortau on Google Play

Frost Alerts & Hortau Irrolis

Growers currently using Hortau frost alerts via our Irrolis interface are encouraged to continue using Hortau Irrolis through the frost season.

Hortau Irrolis will remain available for use at irrolis.hortau.net for existing frost alerts or automation services currently not available in the new Hortau app. To learn more and set up frost alerts in the new app, contact your local grower support specialist.



Watch the video below for a demo of the new app and answers to the frequently asked questions. You can also read our full list of FAQs here.

Send Us Your Feedback

Have a question or feedback about our new app? Please send us your feedback at feedback@hortau.com so we can continue to improve our services.

Download Hortau on the App Store
Download Hortau on Google Play