Optimal almond production requires a review of irrigation schedules as the seasons change and trees mature. We work with our growers to eliminate guesswork by providing a precise measurement of just how much water is available to the plant in any particular block. This data allows growers to account for soil variations within an orchard and avoid both extremely dry conditions that overly stress trees and excessively wet conditions that result in a loss of nutrients and an anaerobic environment.

Hortau’s grower support team has worked with almond growers for over a decade, helping them meet their production goals. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your orchard.

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Alan Weidenbach, Owner/Operator of Weidenbach Farms, in Shafter, Calif., on growing almonds with the Hortau.

“Hortau has made things so much more easy that it saves me more time and allows me to spend more time with my family,” Weidenbach said. “It’s really an incredible system.”

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