Hortau Grower Support

Founded in 2002, Hortau is a leader in smart irrigation management systems for agriculture.

Hortau’s patented irrigation management and automation solutions help growers quickly detect plant stress using soil tension, ensuring optimal crop growth while reducing water use, energy consumption, and environmental impact.

The Hortau System partners patented technology with in the field support to provide growers with real-time soil tension data that delivers vital insight on crop stress.

Our team of certified CCAs and PCAs, Ag Scientists, Licensed Agronomists, and irrigation specialists work with growers to identify their unique challenges and goals. We then perform a detailed site analysis and determine the ideal products for an operation. Once installed our wireless system continues to report back soil tension, a key indicator of a plants ability to use the water in the soil, in real-time. This gives the grower the ability to see what is happening under the soil and provides valuable insight into what is happening at the roots. The Hortau field team then works with the grower to create irrigation schedules that optimize nutrient absorption, water uptake, and aeration. This, in turn, leads to higher quality crops and increased production along with more efficient use of water and energy.

Hortau’s US headquarters is located in San Luis Obispo, CA, and the Canadian headquarters is located in Quebec, Canada. We are proud to have Sales and Field Support staff across the United States and Canada to allow us to be responsive to the needs of our customers.

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