Hortau Named 2018 Cleantech Exports Star

TORONTO (Nov. 6, 2018– Hortau on Monday was recognized as a Cleantech Exports Star as part of Cleantech Export Week 2018, hosted by Export Development Canada (EDC) in Toronto.

Hortau was recognized with the top honor along with Farmers Edge and Westport Fuel Systems, while P&P Optica and Pyrowave were named to the 2018 Cleantech “One to Watch” List.

“These five companies, whose technologies and business strategies have successfully taken their products beyond Canada’s borders, stand out because of their dynamic solutions to climate change, waste and water management, and feeding a growing population while contributing to the Canadian economy,” EDC noted in a press release.

Hortau CEO and Co-Founder Jocelyn Boudreau accepted the award from Jim Carr, Minister of International Trade, and also participated in a panel on “Getting to Yes: Securing Capital Financing for Growth” as part of the Cleantech Export Week conference.

Founded in 2002 in Québec, Canada, Hortau has used EDC services throughout its export journey, including support for loan guarantees, credit insurance and other products. In 2018, EDC also made a $7 million equity investment in the company.

“Canada has a great reputation for developing innovative clean technology. The companies we are recognizing today know the potential that lies outside our borders and understand the challenges Canadian cleantech companies face getting there,” said Carl Burlock, Senior Vice President, Global Head Financing and International Growth Capital, EDC. “By sharing the stories of these outstanding organizations, we hope other potential exporters will be inspired by their success to begin their own export journeys.”

Hortau’s crop stress management platform reports to growers how crops are faring in real time – before stresses such as drought or lack of aeration can have a negative impact on a crop. This proprietary, plant-centric approach measures plant stress using soil tension, ensuring optimal crop growth, and reducing water and energy consumption, as well as environmental impacts such as leaching.

Visit Hortau.com for more information on Hortau’s proprietary crop stress management platform, and simplified software and mobile apps, or contact a local representative at (805) 545-5994.

Learn more about Hortau’s work with the EDC at: EDC.ca

About Hortau

Hortau, a global leader in wireless, web-based irrigation management systems, was founded in 2002 by two agriculturally minded entrepreneurs, Dr. Jean Caron, agronomist, Ph.D in Soil Physics, and Jocelyn Boudreau, agricultural engineer, M.Sc. in Soil Physics.

Hortau’s patented, irrigation management solutions help growers detect crop stress, ensuring optimal growth while reducing water use, energy consumption and nutrient loss.

Hortau has offices, representatives and technicians throughout the U.S. and Canada. Learn more at Hortau.com.

About EDC

Export Development Canada (EDC) is a financial Crown corporation that helps Canadian companies of all sizes go, grow and succeed beyond Canada’s borders. We are international risk experts, equipping Canadian companies with the tools they need – trade knowledge, financing solutions, insurance and global connections – to take on the world with confidence. EDC also builds financial relationships with foreign buyers to generate opportunities for Canadian companies.

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