Celebrating 16 Years in the Field

It’s hard to believe, but this week Hortau celebrates its 16-year anniversary as a leader in precision irrigation management technology.

Agtech has come a long way over that time, and our work in the field is as important as ever as the challenges continue to pile up for the agriculture industry.

From California to Québec, where our company was founded on May 15, 2002, our growers are faced with more scrutiny, more regulations, and more resource shortages (water, energy, available land, labor) than ever before. Yet our farmers continue to innovate and push ahead with their lofty mission of feeding a growing population that’s expected to pass 9.8 billion by 2050.

That need to feed more people with fewer resources has fueled record growth for the agtech market. In 2017 alone, investments in the agrifood tech sector reached $10.1 billion, according to AgFunder, a 29% year-over-year increase. And while the agtech market is maturing with companies like ours surpassing the 15-year mark, 2017’s investments spanned over 924 deals, which means more and more startups continue to flood the market.

The good news? All of those advancements will surely help farming increase efficiencies and production. The bad news? All of that technology can be overwhelming for ranch managers and farm workers, making it difficult to “separate the wheat from the chaff” in terms of what tech will add value to their operation.

All the data. All the sensors. All the software platforms. Artificial intelligence.

As much as agriculture needs technology and automation to help overcome our labor and resource shortages, we still need experts in the field – trusted, local advisors and technologists who facilitate adoption and ensure growers harvest the benefits from technology.

Here at Hortau, we’re proud of our platform, our soil tension sensors, our user-friendly applications, but we’re equally proud of the people behind our technology.

Thanks to the hard work of our employees, in the field, in the lab, in our offices across North America, we’ve seen the exceptional growth of precision irrigation practices firsthand.

That’s what we’re most proud of 16 years into this business, because without the boots on the ground and the team we have behind our technology, we would not have seen this tremendous adoption we see in the field today.

Thanks to everyone on our team and every one of our progressive growers and partners who have helped make the past 16 years a success.

Here’s to the next 16 years!

– Jocelyn Boudreau
CEO and Co-Founder, Hortau

Hortau CEO Jocelyn Boudreau