Hortau Soil Tension Seminar Thursday at World Ag Expo

Ben Smith Director of Grower SupportHortau Director of Grower Support Ben Smith will deliver an irrigation seminar at this year’s World Ag Expo on Thursday, Feb. 15 at 1 p.m. in Seminar Center, Trailer One.

The presentation, “Advantages of Real-Time Soil Tension Data for Irrigation Management,” will discuss how real-time soil tension and weather data is helping growers optimize production and ensure crop health in the face of today’s agricultural challenges.

Smith, and his team of Grower Support Specialists work one-on-one with Central Valley growers to develop detailed irrigation management plans based on soil tension monitoring using Hortau’s real-time precision irrigation management platform.

His presentation will detail the mechanics of soil tension and its direct correlation to crop health. In addition, he will discuss how Hortau’s real-time soil tension data gives growers a deep look into their soil profile to help them better understand water movement, wetting patterns and water uptake from the crop itself.

If managing crop health is a high priority for your operation, you’ll want to make time for this seminar. Find out how growers across the country are using real-time soil tension data to minimize crop stress, improve production, reduce energy and water use, and slash nutrient loss due to leaching.

While you’re at the show, be sure to visit Hortau’s Booth K-46 for system demonstrations, giveaways and happy hours throughout the week. We look forward to seeing you in Tulare!World Ag Expo Seminar Center