VIDEO: Hortau Hosts Demonstration for Kansas State University

Hortau High Plains regional manager Doug Larson recently participated in a soil moisture sensor demonstration organized by Kansas State University.

Larson, who was joined by fellow High Plains region reps Jason Cogan and Kyle Hagerty, presented an overview of Hortau’s precision irrigation management system, with a run-through of a typical installation of Hortau’s patented tensiometers in corn and wheat.

“We’re basically measuring the hydraulic conductivity or how easily does water move through the profile,” Larson said, holding a Hortau tensiometer. “Is it hard for the plant to pull water from the profile or is it easy? That same action that the plant is doing when it’s pulling water from soil particles is the same thing we experience here, so if it’s hard, if it’s difficult, the water’s not very available for the plant to pull out of the profile, that’s exactly what we measure.

“When we develop a graph through this, it’s a very good understanding of exactly how available is your water in the profile. Is it easy for your plant to uptake or is it difficult?” Larson said.

The demonstration was part of a series of soil moisture sensor workshops supported by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, United States Department of Agriculture. Additional support for the series was provided by the Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station and Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.

The video was shared courtesy of Oklahoma State University Division of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources.

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