Hortau Expands Precision Irrigation Management Offering to Pacific Northwest

YAKIMA, Wash. (March. 10, 2016) – Hortau, a provider of precision irrigation management systems and services for agriculture since 2002, is expanding its full line of products and services to the Pacific Northwest.

Hortau’s smart irrigation management platform reports to growers how crops are faring in real time – before stresses such as drought or lack of aeration can have a negative impact on a crop. This proprietary, plant-centric approach measures plant stress using soil tension, ensuring optimal crop growth, and reducing water and energy consumption, as well as environmental impacts such as leaching.

Hortau has 14 years of experience measuring soil tension and other critical field data in the high value crops that are often found in the Pacific Northwest. Testimonials with customers growing grapes, cherries, blueberries and other crops with the Hortau wireless irrigation management platform can be found at hortau.com/videos.

Hortau’s Pacific Northwest regional sales and grower support efforts will be managed by two long-time Yakima professionals with more than 55 years of experience in the agriculture industry:

  • aaron-voelkerAaron Voelker: Born and raised in Yakima, Aaron is a graduate of Eastern Washington University. He has worked in agriculture for 25 years, running ranch operations for his family business for 13 years before doing outside sales for an orchard and vineyard supply company. He also worked for 8 years in outside sales for a New Zealand horticultural fabric company before joining Hortau. You can contact Aaron at (509) 571-0281.
  • Verlyn Burgers: Verlyn has lived in the Yakima Valley for the past 12 years, working primarily in the tree fruit industry. verlyn-burgersBefore joining Hortau, Verlyn worked in sales and research, related to innovative products for growers. He has worked in the ag industry for more than 30 years. Verlyn’s agricultural roots go back to the Midwest where he was involved in ag-related industries most of his life. You can contact Verlyn at (509) 571-0186.

“We’re excited to be expanding into the Pacific Northwest with our full line of products and services,” CEO and co-founder Jocelyn Boudreau said. “We’ve seen some success already in the region, and with many of the crops that are grown there, and having two veterans like Aaron and Verlyn lead our team there is only going to take our platform to the next level for growers.”

Visit Hortau.com for more information on Hortau’s proprietary irrigation management systems, and simplified software and mobile apps, or contact a local representative at (805) 545-5994, ext. 358 or media@

About Hortau

Hortau, a global leader in wireless, web-based irrigation management systems, was founded in 2002 by two agriculturally minded entrepreneurs, Dr. Jean Caron, agronomist, Ph.D in Soil Physics, and Jocelyn Boudreau, agricultural engineer, M.Sc. in Soil Physics.

Hortau’s patented, irrigation management solutions help growers detect plant stress, ensuring optimal crop growth while reducing water and energy use as well as eliminate environmental impacts of crop production.

With U.S. operations based in San Luis Obispo, Calif., Hortau has offices, representatives and technicians throughout North America, including a Canada headquarters in Quebec. Learn more at Hortau.com.