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what we do

Your eyes into the soil

We provide growers with real time field and soil data to help them make decisions around irrigation and fertilizer applications. We do this using soil tension probes that report back to a mobile web app, allowing you to monitor water and fertilizer movement throughout the soil profile and determine when and how long to irrigate.

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Make Informed Decisions

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Our Services

A Modular & Customizable Solution

By tracking soil tension, a direct measurement of precisely how much water is available to the plant, growers anticipate plant stress and irrigate as needed to prevent damage. Our team of certified CCAs and PCAs, Ag Scientists, Licensed Agronomists, and Irrigation Specialists work with growers to identify challenges and set goals. We continually work with the grower to optimize nutrient absorption, water uptake, and aeration.

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Irrigation Management

Real-time sensor data with an easy-to-use mobile platform.

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Scheduling & Advising

Advisors provide weekly schedules based on field conditions and goals.

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Irrigation Automation

Start and stop irrigations remotely. Automate frost protection and plant water needs.

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Flowmeter Monitoring

Monitor and report water usage precisely

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Well-Depth Monitoring

Monitor over time the static water level, drawdown, and recovery

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Weather Monitoring

Covers your entire operation and allows for alerts by app notification, phone and text.

Proven Results On All Levels

What Growers Say

Some of our Testimonials

“The main benefit is seeing the ease at which the roots are able to pull up water. I can now see if they are stressed and view how effective my watering sessions are.”
Gold Leaf Farming
"Hortau has good solid equipment, good service and reliable schedules."
Perreault Farms
“We are irrigating at the correct times w/ the correct amounts. We can also track when the pumps are turned on & how long they are actually run as a checks/balances for our ranches.”
Van Groningen & Sons

A Word From Our CEO

Having grown up on a farm, I understand the complexity of farming and what it takes to grow a profitable crop.

After leaving the farm it became clear that to maintain consistent crop health, yield and quality, growers need access to real-time and forecasted information – to anticipate, adjust, manage inputs precisely – and repeat their success year after year, across every acre..

Helping you succeed is what drives us. Feel free to drop us a line to learn more or give feedback.

Jocelyn Boudreau

CEO and Co-Founder

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